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Attorney In Tune, LLC was founded to give people injured in an accident a place to turn for vigorous and diligent representation. All our cooperating attorneys have a background in trial law and are not afraid to take an insurance company to court to achieve a fair settlement. Our cooperating attorneys are trained in business and negotiations which give them an astute understanding of negotiation. Negotiating and litigating are what it takes to get fairness for injured people. Attorney In Tune, LLC cooperating attorneys serve clients in Duluth, Norcross, Lawrenceville, across Gwinnett County, and north to Hall.

Tens of Millions Won For Our Clients

WE Fight Hard For You
  • $587 Thousand Motorcycle Accident
  • $500 Thousand Leg Injury
  • $200 Thousand Knee and finger Injury
  • $200 Thousand Knee Injury
  • $175 Thousand Eye Socket Injury
  • $137 Thousand Motorcycle Accident

Personal Injury Settlement Wins For Clients Across Gwinnett County

There are over 400,000 car accidents every year in the state of Georgia and more than half of those are in the broader Atlanta area that communities like Lawrenceville, Duluth and Norcross are a part of. Car accidents are the leading cause of death by injury and the second-leading cause of premature death. An unfortunate reality is that sometimes accidents are caused by the negligence of a driver. When an accident is caused by negligence, the injured party–or their estate in the event of a fatal crash–can be in position to recoup financial damages. Proving negligence in car accident cases though, requires diligent legal footwork. A lawyer must be willing to go toe-to-toe with an insurance carrier’s defense team and be prepared to go to court if it comes to that. Attorney in Tune, LLC aims to provide the diligent and zealous representation that injured plaintiffs deserve. 

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  • “Can’t thank them enough for the way they’ve handled my cases.” - Former Client
  • “I felt genuinely taken care of with this firm.” - Andrew M.
  • “They took me step by step through every process and I was very pleased with the outcome.” - Scott M.

    Duluth Truck Accidents Attorney

    Georgia’s growing economy means an increase in commerce, which in turn leads to an increase in commercial trucks on the road. Whether it’s on US-23 or elsewhere, we’re seeing more trucks moving through our home region in Gwinnett County. And while we welcome the increased economic activity, an unfortunate–and sometimes tragic–consequence is an increase in truck accidents. Securing a fair settlement when someone is injured in a truck accident can be more complex than meets the eye. Even understanding who the defendant should be can require investigation. It could be anyone from the driver to the trucking company to a parts supplier. Plaintiffs that want a fair settlement need a truck accident lawyer that has the requisite experience in both negotiation and litigation. The insurance carriers that represent defendants won’t back down. Neither can the plaintiff’s lawyer. That’s why Attorney in Tune, LLC is here. 

    Duluth Slip And Fall Lawyer

    Personal injury cases that involve slips and falls can be as varied as they are complex. These cases can have commercial defendants, when a person suffers their injury at a place of business. Injuries can just as easily happen on a sidewalk or on someone’s private property. For a plaintiff to successfully get fair compensation for their injuries, a slip and fall attorney must be ready to drill down into the details of how a fall happened and be able to present precisely why the defendant is at fault. Our cooperating attorneys, with an extensive background in trial law, know all about precision, the articulate presentation of the facts and the willingness to do legal battle. 

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